High Achievers® Power Grid

The world of coaching has changed, and you are about to enter the future of coaching. You will be a part of the new standard for business and life coaching in support of business owners and entrepreneurs across the world. No Longer will you work with one business coach but have access to any coach you need to help you be successful and stay ahead of your competition.

The Nexpert Coaching Program™ will provide you with access to a network of coaches that are expert in one or two areas. Each month or as your business challenges change, you can switch from one expert to the next in our network. The Nexpert Coaching Program will allow you to get the coaching and consulting you need to overcome the roadblocks to your goals.

By selecting The High Achievers® Nexpert Coaching you will receive the following benefits. 

This process will allow you to:

  • Identifying your most significant challenges.
  • Prioritizing the roadblocks you face.
  • Develop your action plan.
  • Select your first coach from our community of Nexpert Coaches.

What is the Power Grid? 

The Power Grid session is a either 45-minute video call, phone call, or in-person meeting with one of our High Achiever Network Associates. Before the meeting, they will have you fill out a Power Grid form that allows you to start to focus on your business and discover your challenges. On the call, you will work together to give priority to your business challenges or missed opportunities. By identifying the most significant roadblock to your goals and business success, you will develop an action plan to start you on a path to build the business of your dreams. The Power Grid Session will allow you to come away with a powerful tool. The Power Grid Session will help you focus on the right challenges and know that you are making the right actions to bring success to your business.

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